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2022 Year in Review: The State of Ediscovery Today

Download our recap of 2022's ediscovery trends

2022 marked an inflection point for the legal profession, with growing imbalances between the size and complexity of litigation data and the resources legal teams were able to throw at them. The difference between what is required and the resources available has created an “Ediscovery Efficiency Gap” that requires new strategies to overcome. 

This white paper presents new data, drawn from Everlaw’s own usage statistics and original industry surveys, on the evolving challenges involved in ediscovery today—and the advanced tools legal professionals are using to address them.

Download the white paper to learn how:

  • Data growth is increasing everyone’s workloads, with a significant rise in documents per user recorded in 2022

  • A/V data is exploding, requiring new tools and workflows

  • Legal teams are leveraging advanced technology to bridge the efficiency gap, with key technologies reducing the number of documents requiring active review by nearly three quarters

Learn more in the full report.