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Key Findings from the ACC and Everlaw

The Value of In-House Legal Work Is Clear

An overwhelming majority of in-house teams say their colleagues recognize the value of their work. And company size matters. Legal professionals in smaller organizations report feeling more valued than those in larger ones.

The company as a whole understands the value I contribute to the organization.

Yet Legal Is Still Seen as Slow and Too Risk Averse

Fair or not, legal teams haven’t shaken the perception that they present roadblocks to projects, and nearly half say they’re viewed as overly cautious.

Our legal team’s cross functional partners are most likely to say that the legal department...

Law Firms Lack Predictability, Transparency

Barely a third of in-house teams say they’re happy with the cost predictability of their outside counsel. They also want greater transparency from their external partners, particularly around process and costs.

When working with external law firms and partners/vendors, how satisfied are you with...

In-House Teams Know What They Need to Improve

Asked what would improve collaboration with external teams, in-house teams pointed to integrated tools, singular, centralized collaboration tools, and standardized collaboration processes.

Our legal department’s ability to collaborate across internal and external teams would be best served by which of the following?