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and the 4 That Will Shape 2024

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Big Data In a Bigger World

Data growth remains one of the biggest challenges facing ediscovery professionals today, with a 58% increase in the number of documents hosted by Everlaw year over year.

YIR 2023-Uploads-Stat

Team Resources Can’t Keep Pace

As data grows, one number remains constant: 12. That’s the average number of users in a typical Everlaw database, and it’s held steady for four years. In 2023, those 12 users saw an average increase of 17% more documents per person.

Bridging the Gap

In 2023, legal professionals turned increasingly to automation to do more with less, leveraging tools like ECA to dramatically reduce document review loads.

2023 YIR-ECA Culled-Stat

That's Just the Beginning

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