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ediscovery - reveal hidden insights

Reveal hidden insights

Leverage powerful analytics, machine learning, and interactive visualizations to accelerate review and identify the most valuable information.

Key Features

Email Threading

Reduce the total number of emails needing review, and easily find missing emails in complicated chains by reviewing emails in context.

Foreign Language Translation

Understand documents, irrespective of language and ensure that only the most relevant documents are elevated for foreign-language review. Everlaw can automatically detect > 50 languages and translate > 100 languages, ranging from Albanian to Vietnamese.

Predictive Coding

Improve review efficiency and accuracy by prioritizing review on documents with predicted likelihood of being relevant, by teaching the system with assigned ratings, codes and attributes.

Audio/Video Transcription

Get an instant window into previously opaque information with searchable transcripts of audio and video files that can be viewed alongside audio/video playback.

Data Visualization

Glean key insights into document dates, metadata, contents, formats, review activity, and predicted relevance with interactive visualizations from any document set.

Performance Graphs

Create a more defensible model that holds up to legal scrutiny, and more insight and statistical confidence to determine when to stop review, with performance statistics on a random sample of the reviewed holdout documents.