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ediscovery - discovery meaningful information

Discover what matters

Discover meaningful information by streamlining every step of the ediscovery process, from data upload and processing all the way through to search, review, and production.

Key Features

Self-service Uploader

Eliminate the complexity of FTP, and cut the cost of mailing physical media by uploading data directly into the Everlaw platform, at the user's convenience.

Cloud Storage Integration

Reduce the amount of steps and time it takes to get data on the platform by uploading data directly from popular cloud storage providers, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, One Drive, and Google Vault.

Visual Query Builder

Easily build and run sophisticated, repeatable searches and instantly understand the nature of each search with a clear visual overview of its parameters, by simply clicking on terms.

Native Document Viewer

Review documents right in the browser, spanning everything from spreadsheets (including actual formulas underlying cell outputs, graphs, highlights, and cell notes) to videos, chat files, medical images, and CAD files

Batch Redactions

Automatically identify and redact words, phrases, metadata or patterns such as personally identifiable information (PII) on-the-fly without the need to manually redact each document. Additionally, apply redactions directly to native spreadsheets to complete review with ease and flexibility.

Customized Productions

Flexible protocol options enable the production of legal documents as necessary, with endorsement stamping, customized bates numbering, and more to make legal production work simple, straightforward and less prone to error.