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The advanced ediscovery platform that simplifies complex legal work.

Meet Everlaw. The collaborative, cloud-based software for litigation and investigations. Everlaw empowers teams to discover important information, reveal critical insights, and act on key evidence by crafting narratives.

Act on key evidence.

Make the strongest case. Collaborate to craft narratives, organize arguments logically, and manage the end-to-end process of investigations or litigation with a secure, integrated suite of post-review tools.

Key Features

Timeline Organization

Create a collaborative repository that organizes the most important documents as the team builds the narrative. Never waste time or money exporting and importing documents into other systems again.

Collaborative Drafts

Work together to craft cohesive outlines on a unified platform that is already integrated with discovered documents.

Digitized Depositions

Integrated deposition tools help organize depositions digitally from the start. Collaborate on deposition prep and execution, then review and reference key testimony.

Transcription Integration

Why not perform all legal work on the same platform? Import electronic transcripts into Everlaw to review, annotate, and link exhibits in the same place as everything else.

Secure Communication

Whatever the team is messaging about, make sure it's secure. Everlaw in-platform messaging enables collaboration with colleagues easily without compromising security.

Seamless Sharing

Share information effortlessly with the people who need it. Everlaw enables teams to create and share assignments, binders of documents, folders, and more.

In a multidistrict litigation stemming from PFAS contamination, over a hundred individuals—including daily document reviewers, co-counsel, and outside experts—are collaboratively reviewing the document sets on Everlaw and the work product derived from Everlaw’s features.

—Stephanie Biehl, Senior Associate, Sher Edling LLP