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[New eBook] The Disclosure Pilot Scheme: The What, How and When

by Everlaw

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Change is upon us. The emergence of and fallout from a global pandemic have deeply impacted the UK. As part of this huge socioeconomic upheaval, the need to work from home for a significant portion of the workforce has helped drive, by necessity, the rapid adoption of new or evolved working practices, and in many cases, a rethink about how technology fits into that equation.

For the legal dispute resolution community who are involved in litigation in the Business and Property Courts in England and Wales, and for their clients, these demands have run in parallel to the implementation of the Disclosure Pilot Scheme (DPS) since around March 2020.

In our white paper, “The Disclosure Pilot Scheme: The What, How and When,” we provide a brief overview of the DPS and the role of legal technology in the evolution of the disclosure process, including how legal teams can leverage technology to strengthen their data-handling procedures.

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Join us for our next webinar, “Managing Ediscovery in Criminal Defense: New Strategies for the Evolving Data Landscape,” as ediscovery experts Tom O’Connor, Director of Gulf Coast Legal Technology, and Angela Kovach, Director of Federal Solutions at Everlaw, sit in for a discussion moderated by John Carr, Director of Federal Programs at Everlaw, on best practices for managing ediscovery in criminal defense. They’ll be covering:

  • Key differences in criminal and civil cases

  • How to handle new and emerging data types

  • The importance of ESI protocols for both sides

  • How user-centric technologies can ease the burden of data

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