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All About Greg - From VR to Boba

by Everlaw

Greg Marliave

If you’ve ever worked with Senior Account Director Greg Marliave, you may have wondered how he does it all. So, we asked him. From his fondness for tapioca to his excitement about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, here’s what Greg revealed:

Ana: What brings out your competitive side?

Greg: There are a lot of things that bring out my competitive side. Any game really. At the moment, Ping Pong is the game of choice.

Ana: As a kid, what did you think would exist by now?

Greg: I think I expected VR entertainment earlier. I can’t wait until I can virtually watch the Warriors courtside from home!

Ana: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Greg: I definitely like to visit new places when I vacation. However, Italy has been one place I seem to always find my way back to. [Ana: Greg actually speaks Italian!]

Of my recent trips, New Zealand was my favorite. In particular, spending a day touring the Doubtful Sound was amazing. Spoiler alert: it is not actually a sound!

Ana: If you were a lawyer, what kind of law would you practice?

Greg: Probably M&A, just because of my interest in finance and markets.

Ana: When you cook for your family, what’s on the menu?

Greg: Though my wife is undoubtedly the more accomplished chef, there are a few things I am likely to make: beet salad, sashimi salmon (does that even count?), lamb chops, and creme brulee.

Ana: What site or app or gadget were you a late adopter of?

Greg: Most recently, I grabbed an iWatch. While it is not as transformational as some of Apple’s more successful gadgets, I find it pretty handy. I appreciate having my calendar and notifications close at hand, and it lets me keep my phone in my pocket when it otherwise would be a distraction.

Ana: What’s your guilty pleasure?


Ana: What excites you about modern legal technology or its potential?

Greg:I am very excited to see how AI innovations can be applied to legal technology (Tweet This!) - as well as to many other fields. I don’t think it can be overestimated what OpenAI could mean for the world.

Ana: What item on Everlaw’s roadmap are you most excited about?

Greg: Cloud production!

Got any questions of your own for Greg? Feel free to ask in the comments below or on Twitter. Or get to know team members Ian or Victor.