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Respect for Users: The Everlaw Secret to Ediscovery Success

by Isabela Reid

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It’s a common misconception that modern software design and development is all about the product. Any quality product manager will be the first to tell you that it’s actually about the end user. Ultimately, the product is just a means of helping the user complete a task or function. Even those in the legal industry understand this concept all too well. As a result, ediscovery software is now an appealing solution for legal professionals, especially considering the need for seamless collaboration, data security concerns, and the complex litigation and discovery process.

Traditionally, technology-adverse legal practitioners and in-house legal teams feel hesitant to learn and adopt an entirely new software instead of sticking with what they already know. Although switching out any enterprise software can be difficult, embracing the ease of use in a new legal technology solution empowers in-house legal teams to ultimately do more with less and save valuable time and money.

Why Respect for Users Matters

One of Everlaw’s key principles is respect for our users. Providing the best possible user experience (UX) leads to better business outcomes because the solution is intuitive to learn and use. Users are able to ramp-up quickly and get work done faster, with higher efficiency and productivity. 

Conversely, inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, or low satisfaction with software are frustrations born out of poor UX design. Low user satisfaction can have broader downstream effects on the business in the form of more delays, more support tickets, endless user training modules, and an overall longer time to value.

Irrespective of UX, respect for users also manifests in how a company approaches feature development. Many tools have flashy features that may grab attention in a demo or conference show floor but ultimately will add negligible substantive value for the true ediscovery practitioner. Vendors that genuinely demonstrate respect for users prioritize building new features that solve real pain points.

How Everlaw Demonstrates Respect for Users

The Everlaw approach to building software is to design the platform from the ground up with the user in mind, continually iterating and improving the ediscovery experience to ensure that users get their jobs done efficiently and even find enjoyment in the process. We focus on long-term success with our partners and have no interest in making quick changes to the platform that don’t provide utility or align with our long-term strategies.

“What I like best about using Everlaw is how intuitive and user-friendly the platform is […] Everlaw feels like a modern app, built for simplicity and user satisfaction.” — Paul G, G2 Review

Product development at Everlaw focuses on listening to our users, and even prospective users, to best determine how to improve the Everlaw platform. Our team routinely collects feedback from current customers across multiple channels to help improve user experience. For instance, Everlaw surveys users to specifically gauge whether or not they think we are listening to their concerns and implementing solutions in a timely manner. Everlaw also alerts users when we implement their suggested features.

“It’s great to have a software company that listens to you, that takes your suggestions, and actually implements them” — Director of IT, McDonald Carano

Additionally, Everlaw displays its commitment to respect for users through our transparent pricing model that does not generate support fees. The Everlaw Customer Success team offers support seven days a week at no additional cost. The focus is always on helping our customers be most successful through live user training, phone or email assistance, and a Knowledge Base

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