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The Importance of Technology in the Legal Space

by Everlaw

The required skillset of 21st century lawyers is different from earlier generations’. The legal field has undergone a dramatic technological transformation, and many legal functions have evolved accordingly. And yet, even with all the change that’s already occurred, the innovative tech surge has likely just begun. Here are three reasons why you should embrace technological innovation in the legal space:

1) Increase efficiency and productivity

The market today requires improved practice efficiency; new technology can help you streamline many day-to-day procedures, increasing both efficiency and productivity. Collaboration and connectivity tools, such as file sharing systems and conferencing services, make external and internal communication more flexible.  Most work can be completed from anywhere, so you can easily review documents, sign forms and collaboratively prepare trial presentations. Many people have embraced new technology privately without much concern, and it’s time to bring some of that to the legal space.

2) Increase quality

New technology increases the quality of services offered by legal professionals. For example, sophisticated litigation platforms will make your litigation process smoother and, in many cases, also more accurate. By automating repetitive processes — with the help of predictive coding and other machine learning tools, etc. — you’ll save time and decrease the risk of human errors.

3) Stay competitive

You should consider employing new technology to avoid encroachment from legal process outsourcing options, do-it-yourself alternatives, and other nontraditional service providers. There is increased pressure for law firms to deliver results faster and cheaper than ever before, and you must implement new technology to stay competitive. LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are examples of services that, in one way or another, reduce the need for traditional lawyering.

The benefits are clear, and the adoption of new technology should be used to keep you in the game and to sharpen your competitive edge. However, in general, legal professionals have low expectations of technology. At Everlaw, we want to raise the bar and make lawyers realize how high their expectations of technology should be.  Let us know what we can do to meet your rising expectations!