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2021 Ediscovery Trends: Building Stronger Relationship with Trusted Partners

by Everlaw

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The past year has brought massive change and forced many in the legal industry to rethink how they practice the law. Here at Everlaw, we’ve seen a shift in thinking regarding everything from security and collaboration to automation and it’s growing influence, which has led many legal professionals to reevaluate their ediscovery partners.

Automated processes in ediscovery improve predictability, and legal professionals don’t want to deal with unnecessary complexity. Whether it’s a conversation about pricing, how predictive coding works, or how to get a production out the door, there is little time to waste, and there’s no room for murky, misleading information. Put candidly, clients want to work with talented, transparent providers who are partners in their success.

At Everlaw, we understand how important it is to our clients to trust us. Honesty and integrity are at the core of our company values, and we’re committed to cultivating strong relationships with our customers. In 2020, we expanded our support hours, revamped our training services, and continued to give our customers the time and attention they deserve.

Everlaw Continues to Innovate

You want an ediscovery solution that can keep up with you, not slow you down. Everlaw continues to release new features every four weeks to all customers globally. In 2020, we released 239 impactful new features and necessary improvements to all customers.

Training, Always at No Extra Cost

It can be difficult to learn a new tool, which is why Everlaw is committed to making learning the platform as easy as possible. Back in February, we revamped our approach to training, offering ten standing sessions as well as on-demand sessions for customers with more specific questions and workflow needs. Interest in learning and mastering the platform continues to grow. The expanded user education offerings led to a 107% increase in the number of sessions held – almost half of those being tailored, on-demand sessions — with over 3,500 users receiving valuable training. The newly designed Everlaw Training Center not only offers instructive videos but also provides carefully curated checklists of activities to hone Everlaw skills.

Expanding Support Hours for Customers All Around the World

With legal teams spread across the globe, we expanded our support hours to include weekends. Our support team has grown significantly (by around 300%) and is provided to our customers at no extra cost. In 2020, Everlaw customer support was able to reply to all submitted support requests within 14 minutes, on average, and resolve support questions within 36 minutes. 

Seamlessly Migrate

Sometimes, peculiar circumstances arise, and switching ediscovery providers becomes necessary. Moving data from one platform to another can be a daunting, taxing process if done without the proper support. Luckily, our Data Operations team is there to help migrate any existing data from another platform to Everlaw without any bumps in the road. In 2020, we successfully migrated 268 cases to Everlaw from other ediscovery vendors, with an average case size of 168.5 GB.

Stepping Into 2021: Ediscovery Trends and Insights
Download this report for an in-depth analysis of user trends and behaviors on the Everlaw platform in 2020.

What’s New with Everlaw

Everlaw is a comprehensive, cloud-based ediscovery platform enabling legal teams to discover, reveal, and act on information to drive internal investigations and positively impact litigation. Despite the global events that altered the way we all function, Everlaw has continued to forge ahead on a promising path.

The company kicked off the year in March by raising $62M in Series C funding, co-led by Capital G, Google’s investment fund. By year’s end, the team grew 50% from 200 to 300. Notably, Everlaw was named a 2020 winner for San Francisco Bay Area’s Best and Brightest Places to Work. Additionally, Everlaw took the #1 position in the Spring 2021 G2 ediscovery grid report. We’ve been in the #1 spot for the last four quarters running, which is based on user reviews and data collected from social networks and online sources.

We’re also dedicated to improving our platform to ensure that we provide the best experience for our customers. In 2020, Everlaw achieved FedRAMP Security Authorization, cementing our commitment to security. 

Last year was an unprecedented year of change, forcing many organizations across industries to evolve in an effort to survive. The legal industry has had to embrace technology to a greater degree, fortuitously opening the door for further innovation (e.g., Storybuilder by Everlaw) and increased adoption of ediscovery tools.

As noted previously, these shifts in industry attitudes have made it evident that cloud-based ediscovery is here to stay — even in a risk-averse industry with a cautious approach to change. Whether it’s collaborating remotely from a secure, shared place or protecting privileged data from cybersecurity threats, legal professionals, as a whole, are recognizing the importance of these tools in enhancing their abilities to practice the law — no matter where they are.

Are you interested in learning about 2021 ediscovery trends? Download our report, “Stepping into 2021: Ediscovery Trends and Insights,” to find out more.