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A Little Jurisprude-light

by Everlaw

bowling team names

Lawyers have been maligned in popular culture since before Shakespeare said, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Defending the legal field and your role in it can get tiring. When you hit your limit, seek out places and items that revel in lawyerdom, giving you a chance to share the things you love about being a lawyer without (forgive the pun) judgment. Here are a few of them:


A Burger Other Than Warren

What: Sidebar, a law-themed bar and restaurant in Louisville, KY

Want a “hung jury” without consequences? Then this law-themed eatery should be on your list. Sidebar is decorated in a legal theme, and it specializes in bourbon and burgers; some say their beer “docket” is good too.

Bonus: If London is closer than Kentucky, check out Silk Restaurant, an eatery located in a former courthouse.


Litig(E)ATor At Home

What: Legal Eats: law-themed cookbook

If Louisville is a bit far for you, then, bring the legal food theme home. This cookbook boasts recipes for everything from the “Litigator’s Lentil Soup” to the “Common-Law Carrot Cake.” Try one out, and let us know what makes the lentils so litigator-appropriate.

Bonus: If at-home drinks are more your style, Legalese Cocktails might be a good choice.


Weighty Choices

What: Jewelry for Counsel: jewelry for lawyers

Ever thought that dangling earrings resemble the scales of justice? Now, you can go all in on that theme: there’s an entire site of law-themed rings, brooches, bracelets, and pendants featuring those renowned scales. They also offer card cases, clocks, money clips, and compacts, if you need to do some law school grad gift shopping.

Bonus: If you love a judge, check out the ornaments, chess boards, and wine stoppers at Approach the Bench too.

Gaming the Law

What: Bowling or Pub Trivia/Quiz Team Names

Want an excuse to see your lawyer friends outside the office? You can channel that competitive energy into annihilating any competitors that question your “Habeus Bowlus” name. Or revel in the joy of hearing your quizmaster congratulate the  “YOLO Contendere” team or the “Subpoena-lize You” crew.

Bonus: If you prefer a night in, print your own at-home “Witch Trial” game for hours of fun. Just remember that the creators do not intend the game to be “in any way an incrimination of real witches, should there be such a thing.”

Got any more legal-themed wonders to share?