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3 Reasons Lawyers Are Real-Life Superheroes

by Everlaw


Happy #LoveYourLawyerDay! We work with a lot of lawyers and highly respect them and their work. With the recent Marvel movie craze, we’ve also started noticing some suspicious similarities between legal professionals and our favorite silver-screen superheroes. Here are three reasons we think lawyers are real-life superheroes:

1) They aren’t afraid to tackle large problems.

Superheroes in movies always face the biggest supervillains and dastardly plots to take over New York City, the world, or the galaxy. Yet they never hesitate to take them on in the name of justice. Similarly, lawyers tirelessly and thoroughly tackle matters of colossal proportions to help their clients. While movies last for three hours, at most, legal matters can span years. That is an unquestionably heroic level of persistence.

2) They see practical approaches to difficult situations.

Nary a superhero rushes into the fray without taking a step back and analyzing the situation first. Lawyers have even more use for their (super)powers of perception; after all, their job is to analyze the law, apply it to the facts at hand, and use it to advocate on their client’s behalf. That’s three extremely difficult tasks; no one who’s not a superhero can problem-solve like that.

3) They always have great stories to tell.

Just as Iron Man can tell you about his new suit upgrade in a heartbeat, or Spiderman can recount the fateful arachnid bite that gave him his powers, you’ll never meet a lawyer who can’t tell you at least one story that starts with, “Well, I was working this crazy case…” There’s no denying that lawyers have been through a lot — and we’re thankful that they have.

What are your reasons for considering lawyers secret superheroes? Let us know!