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Achieving the Full Potential of Federal Agencies with Everlaw

by John Carr

Federal agencies are a study in red tape.

There are committees, classifications, processes, and approvals that practically every purchase must go through. When those purchases concern software and IT infrastructure, the complexity only increases.

Federal user bases are massive in size and scale, and an agency’s purpose is spread across many different missions, field offices, and subject matter needs to ensure the broad public’s needs are met.

With taxpayers footing the bill, the management of these investments is highly scrutinized, with fiscal responsibility of the utmost importance.

With so much pressure to get it right and multiple channels requiring attention, having a trusted ediscovery partner can help alleviate concerns over widespread adoption so your team can get the best solution possible.

Embracing Security through the Cloud

Everlaw knows that security is constantly top of mind for federal agencies, and the cloud has become an indispensable technology for keeping private information secure.

Agencies that continue relying on legacy, on-prem technology are leaving themselves open to risks related to security and unnecessarily slow processes by using older software that’s struggled to keep up with geographically dispersed user and the new virtual workplace we live in today.

Innovative, cloud-based ediscovery software can handle your most sensitive data, freeing you up to focus on providing clients with the best legal services.  We understand that adopting new cloud technologies require extra hand holding with the cybersecurity branches of agencies, to process an authority to operate (ATO), and we are happy to meet our new clients where they are, and support them across the entire FedRAMP and ATO process.

An Ongoing Partnership

Everlaw is deeply familiar with federal agency deployments, having supported several U.S. Department of Justice Divisions and an enterprise-wide contract for all U.S. Department of the Interior bureaus and major offices. We’ve met agency needs across use cases including litigation, administrative records, FOIA, and congressional oversight, all with proven results.

Everlaw's partnership with these federal agencies has allowed them to make significant improvements in dealing with large volumes of data, streamline workflows, and accelerate case resolution timelines. These capabilities have also broken down silos both within and between agencies, enhancing collaboration among teams stretched across the country.

Whether it’s serving both the civil and criminal sides of the DOJ, navigating the various missions and uses across DOI bureaus, or quickly onboarding thousands of new users, Everlaw is a helpful resource to federal agencies.

Putting Customers at the Center

What separates Everlaw’s ability to serve these federal agencies from other ediscovery software platforms is our user-centric, customer-obsessed approach. Our platform is intuitive for quick onboarding and minimal downtime with new cases, and offers complimentary implementation that means you won’t be charged for the time it takes Everlaw to train your team. Self-service technology is intuitively designed to make adoption seamless across a wide array of users.

Once you’re onboarded, our user education team continues providing support however it’s needed. From customized training sessions to tailored content and more, we’ll ensure you get the most out of the Everlaw platform. We set small targets across larger goals so every user has the right tools for success.

Dedicated customer success managers and project leads will meet you where you are, providing training and serving as a go-to resource for any questions and concerns. If there’s a certain feature that’s needed from your team, we’ll capture it directly and prioritize it for product development so you can get the job done.

Respect for users is one of Everlaw’s key values, and a core part of everything we do. With Everlaw, federal agencies have a platform that can handle all their needs, and a customer support team backing them up every step of the way.

What Makes Everlaw Different

Everlaw’s unparalleled ability to serve federal agencies is the result of transformational technology paired with a knowledgeable and driven team. We apply design thinking and human-centered approaches to help our customers get to the heart of their matters, faster.

Making the switch from legacy, on-prem ediscovery software doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process littered with roadblocks. Everlaw makes sure the transition addresses all types of technical and security concerns, and encourages a cultural shift toward more collaborative and efficient ways of working that benefit the entire agency.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Everlaw platform and discovering how it can fit into your agency’s goals and plans, request a demo today.