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New eBook: 11 Ways to Reduce Ediscovery Expenses

by Everlaw


More than manifesting as a series of operational bottlenecks, the evolution of technology and its impact on legal work are creating a significant financial strain on legal teams and organizations. Two key forces are driving up ediscovery costs: massive data volumes and technological sprawl (we aren’t just reviewing email anymore). For law firms, corporations, and government agencies facing these challenges, it is crucial to be familiar with how they leverage modern technology to reduce the cost and risk of document review.

In our latest eBook, “11 Ways to Reduce Ediscovery Expenses,” we detail 11 practical and distinct techniques that can help legal professionals cut document review costs. Specifically, we zero in on three core areas: reviewing fewer documents, optimizing review processes for efficiency, and reducing risks with built-in automation.

11-Ways-to-Reduce-Ediscovery-Expenses cover
Access top tips for how to streamline the review process to reduce ediscovery costs and risks with built-in automation.

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