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Streamlining Redactions and Intuitive Uploads with Everlaw

by Isabela Reid

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There are a few workflows — especially those involving uploading and reviewing data — that are central to ediscovery. Often, these are the rote, repetitive actions that are nevertheless crucial — for example, redacting documents and uploading data. It can be beneficial to legal teams to figure out how to accelerate and simplify these processes. Luckily, Everlaw provides simplified redactions and easy uploads for all users.

The Current State of Redactions

Redactions are a fundamental part of performing responsible and secure litigation, not to mention that it can make or break the credibility built with a client. Gone are the days of grabbing a black Sharpie and crossing out personally identifiable information (PII) or attorney-client privileged information from paper documents.With the dawn of digital ediscovery tools, redactions have become much simpler, but at times it has come with a cost. There’s been an uptick in instances of redactions being applied incorrectly on applications, such as Adobe Acrobat. As a result, these redactions may not be “burned in” into PDFs and can create significant holes in a case or argument (or, at the very least, it can be embarrassing if they leak to the public).Everlaw commits to providing legal professionals with the ediscovery tools to save time and avoid the risk of improperly redacted data.

In ediscovery, metadata is vital because it’s the evidence that tells the story of a document. Find out more about why metadata matters.

How Redactions Work with Everlaw

Privileged information can appear in various places across document sets, so it’s crucial that reviewers can apply redactions where they need to. Want to make your documents look just like Taylor Swift’s red carpet looks — erm, I mean, the redacted Mueller report? Below are different redaction types that Everlaw offers:

  • Batch redact. Efficiently redact words and phrases across thousands of documents with a single click.

  • Free-form. Click and drag on a document to redact that portion of the document. 

  • Text selection. Redact text by highlighting the desired text on the document. 

  • Spreadsheets. Redact cells in spreadsheets directly on the platform, including dependent cells — so much easier than having to download the native spreadsheet to your local computer. 

  • Metadata. This is often an overlooked area, but failing to redact metadata can expose privileged information. Everlaw even offers metadata redaction suggestions. If you draw a free-form redaction on the document and some of the text you’re redacting is in that document’s metadata, we’ll alert you and suggest that you redact that metadata. 

  • Inverse. Redact everything outside of the box you draw instead of redacting the content inside the box. 

  • Whole-Page. Drawing free-form, full-page boxes can prove to be tedious and time-consuming. Instead, select a page range of a document and redact those entire pages.

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Everlaw’s redactions are not only simple but secure. You can rest assured that any redactions applied will be “burned in” and flattened into the production. With streamlined redactions, teams can accelerate review, focus time on building a case’s narrative, and establish credibility with their clients.

Uploading Processed Data with Everlaw

Uploading, viewing, and understanding productions from the opposing party can help teams build their case. Still, uploading productions can often be confusing and daunting for less experienced legal professionals, especially when it comes to understanding the load files. Load files contain the metadata of the accompanying documents, which can provide a more complete picture of the data at hand. If productions from the opposing party don’t have metadata, legal teams miss out on valuable information that might be hiding in the metadata.

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Everlaw makes it simple to upload processed data. Our intuitive user interface walks users through a wizard-driven process — no need to wait for an internal administrator or the Everlaw support team to complete the upload.

With our uploader, you have complete control over the data that goes into your project without having to wait. Are you interested in keeping your privileged data secure while working remotely? Check out “Cybersecurity in the World of Ediscovery: Tips and Considerations for Legal Organizations” to learn how.