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Granular Permissions and Production Sharing

by Everlaw

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The Everlaw platform is built for corporate counsel, litigators, and government attorneys to enable their review teams to discover, analyze, and organize information. As a cloud-based platform, Everlaw can quickly release thoughtfully designed features and improvements in response to user feedback and customer needs. The latest release introduced a significant update to user permissions, productions, exports, and increased file type compatibility.

Granular Permissions

Security is imperative to successful litigation. With embedded collaboration tools, there is more opportunity for experts, outside or co-counsel, and clients to participate which can often lead to security implications. With the most recent feature release, Everlaw addresses a major security concern for government, law firm, and private sector companies alike: user permissions.

A more granular approach to project permissions gives project admins precise control over user access. Fine-grained feature and tool permission settings allow people to gain access to only the things they need without unnecessary complexity. This feature also removes concern regarding in-platform collaboration while promoting the security of sensitive work product from parties who should not have access.

Remove Search Cards on the Homepage

User search history accumulates in the form of search cards on the home page so that users can conveniently access prior searches. But for those who wish to proactively tidy up their home page, it’s now possible to manually remove search cards. This provides greater flexibility and additional user control over their environment.

Production Improvements

Creating productions can be a time-consuming and tedious process, often exacerbated by slow, antiquated technology. Productions in Everlaw were designed to relieve some of that friction with a self-service, customizable production tool. Recent feature releases introduced production improvements focused on transparency and security.

Flexible sharing options save Everlaw users loads of time and eliminate costly back-and-forth  exchanges between parties. Recent releases have also improved security within production sharing by allowing sharing by email invitation directly from the platform and by requiring the recipient to log in to Everlaw in order to download the production. In addition to the improved security measures, Everlaw has also exposed production access logs, providing the sender even more transparency into when—and by whom—their production was accessed.

Once a production is complete, there are often modifications or additional team members who may need to access the production. With the most recent improvement, Everlaw facilitates fast access to production search logic, giving review teams transparency into what was included in a production and leading to quicker modifications if necessary.

Microsoft Teams Imports

Chat programs have become a legitimate means of business communication. Data from chat programs like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Hangouts can contain crucial evidence in litigation. As companies develop and release more chat programs, Everlaw continues to add functionality to process that data seamlessly.

Everlaw now supports chat import and processing functionality for Microsoft Teams data, including Microsoft chats. Everlaw detects chat conversations and renders them into a searchable PDF so that review teams can discover relevant underlying information. Everlaw also provides the option to embed attachments directly within their corresponding chats during the same upload process. This provides direct visibility into the information in these data without the need for reformatting and transferring files, or using costly third-party plugins to review data.

Ability to Export ZIP in Load Format

It’s now possible to export an entire project or a subset of documents and associated review work product along with automatically-generated load files. This is particularly useful at the termination of a project, when you might want to archive your data offline. While you can still access the same functionality via Zip exporting as before, the capabilities of the Zip export have vastly expanded to include full project data.  

Import Metadata Terms into a Search Term Report

search term report in Everlaw provides high-level information about the number of hits across multiple content or metadata searches. Using search term reports, it’s easy to explore the documents in a project during early case assessment and to triage review. In this latest release, it’s now possible to import multiple metadata terms directly into a search term report, making it simpler and easier to organize and search for metadata terms at scale.

Everlaw releases new features every month, so subscribe to our blog to stay updated on our latest feature developments. For more technical information about the features in this release, read our release notes from our first release of 2019.