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Meet Storybuilder by Everlaw: The Legal Industry’s First Free Narrative-Building Toolkit

by Everlaw

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The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened a not-so-new issue that has plagued the legal industry for years — a lack of tools for collaboration and remote work. Since many tools don’t fully serve the entire deposition and trial preparation process, organizations have been forced to invest in many different platforms. With remote work now a widespread practice, legal organizations need a turnkey solution that allows users to collaborate remotely and securely to organize their key case documents and craft compelling case narratives.

Finally, there’s a solution. Storybuilder by Everlaw, the industry’s first free narrative-building toolkit, provides legal teams with a fully collaborative environment to build their cases and prepare remotely for litigation.

With Storybuilder by Everlaw, Your Options are Endless

With Storybuilder, legal teams can make their most robust case from anywhere. From crafting narratives, organizing arguments, and preparing for depositions and trial, Storybuilder provides a comprehensive toolkit for remote legal work. With Storybuilder, users can:

  • Upload critical documents into a Story.

  • Organize them into a cohesive case timeline annotated with people and events.

  • Integrate evidence into deposition prep and other work products.

  • Coordinate live depositions in a remote environment.

  • Upload deposition transcripts and identify key pieces of testimony. 

Storybuilder can do all of this in a real-time collaborative environment suitable for both remote and in-office work. Additionally, it’s accessible to legal professionals who may not have the budget for technology and collaboration resources, such as law students or lawyers who don’t have their own subscriptions.

“As the digital universe continues to expand at exponential rates, it only becomes more difficult to devote the necessary time, budget, and resources to uncovering key data and facts to help get to the truth,” said AJ Shankar, Everlaw’s CEO and founder. “Lawyers are relying on technology to reimagine workflows and build cases in a timely and efficient way. Storybuilder by Everlaw takes this a step further by simplifying how teams can collaborate on cases remotely. Now teams can craft compelling narratives from anywhere instead of being confined to conference collaboration — at no cost.”

Unlock the collaborative power of your legal team, learn more about Storybuilder by Everlaw today.