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Leveraging Testimony from a Deposition with Everlaw

by Isabela Reid


Remote depositions are becoming the new normal, and legal professionals are on the hunt for tools that facilitate remote deposition prep. With new technology comes a new set of challenges to address — finding key information, keeping exhibits organized, aligning legal teams, and more.

Depositions with Everlaw

This year has seen new challenges for legal teams as most have transitioned to remote-based work. As a result, ensuring that evidence is easy to find and shareable with colleagues can be a tall order without the right cloud-based tools, especially when it comes to depositions. Everlaw’s Storybuilder makes it simple to maintain all work related to depositions in a centralized location. Users can easily:

  • Draft deposition questions in a fully collaborative Draft.

  • Link to key documents in the Draft.

  • Export an orderly exhibit list.

  • Chat with colleagues during the deposition.

  • And — last but not least — upload the deposition transcript directly in-platform for easy review.

Preparing a Case for Trial with Storybuilder

After completing a successful deposition, legal professionals might already begin planning how to best use the transcript to prepare the case for trial. Everlaw is here to help. Often, deposition transcripts can be quite lengthy, so the ability to search within transcripts can save time when looking for a specific word or phrase.

Platform users can elevate key parts of the deposition to testimony by highlighting text in the transcript and adding it to their project’s Story. Storybuilder affords visibility so that all parties involved have access not only to the transcript itself but also to the specific testimony found within that transcript.

Once a platform user identifies the key testimony, it’s simple to incorporate it throughout Storybuilder to help with trial preparation. All they have to do is copy a properly-cited quote from the transcript to their clipboard and paste wherever needed, or attach specific labels, descriptions, and relevance to a testimony to view in the Timeline.

Final Thoughts on Leveraging Testimony from a Deposition

The rise of remote-based work has coincided with the dependency of cloud-based tools. Legal teams need a digital shared space where they can dig through troves of evidence, protect sensitive data, and construct a winning narrative. Tools like Everlaw’s Storybuilder help legal professionals build cases, whether it’s sifting through a deposition transcript to find key evidence or collaborating with colleagues on a remote deposition prep session.

For more strategies to improve your deposition process, see our guide to preparing, conducting, and using depositions.