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Introducing Communication Visualizer by Everlaw

What if, instead of reading thousands of documents to understand key players, we could see them represented on a screen before we even start review?

by Vivan Marwaha

Human beings are wired to detect patterns and find relationships in what we read, observe, and analyze. The human brain quickly processes visual stimuli to make sense of disparate objects and find relationships between them. However, even the brain has its limitations. Detecting patterns and relationships is particularly difficult when analyzing hundreds of sentences, paragraphs, and pages of text.

That is exactly the challenge facing legal professionals today. As the quantity of data in discovery continues to explode – climbing exponentially into millions of pages of text in even routine matters – document review and investigations are becoming increasingly challenging and time-consuming. 

Today a large chunk of electronically stored information is in the form of emails and other communications between relevant parties. Some of these can contain critical, responsive information relevant to a matter, while most contain mundane, unresponsive material. Nevertheless, these documents constitute millions of distinct data points that may be out of chronological order and therefore hard to make sense of. 

Finding key players in document review or an investigation can therefore be a time and resource-intense process which often only occurs after review has been completed or significant time has been spent going through communication to understand important parties.

A Transformative Way to Understand Communication

What if, instead of reading thousands of documents to understand key players, we could see them represented on a screen before we even start review?

That’s exactly the question that Everlaw sought to answer when building Communication Visualizer.

Communication Visualizer is a comprehensive, interactive, searchable network graph, which automatically analyzes and then visualizes all domains, parties, and individuals in a case. Powered by advanced analytics, it instantly organizes and displays the major players in any slice of your data.

Akin to social network analysis, Communication Visualizer graphically represents the communications patterns of your key players and parties. It makes their communication data directly explorable, so you can easily grasp the inner structure of your case, flexibly explore people of interest, and drill down on important exchanges quickly. 

Intuitively created, Everlaw’s Communication Visualizer is designed to overcome the limitations of written text and leverage the human brain’s most effective analytical abilities–visualization. For the average person, visuals can be understood 60,000 times faster than text, allowing quick identification of patterns and outliers that could otherwise go undetected. By laying out communication networks and patterns in an interactive and comprehensive manner, Communication Visualizer uncovers the hidden relationships that are often concealed in big data sets. It helps us trace the digital breadcrumbs that we may otherwise never find.

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Learn how Everlaw’s Communication Visualizer, Clustering, and Predictive Coding provide legal teams with a powerful arsenal of tools to tame big data and uncover critical information faster in our new whitepaper.

Capitalize on the Power of Dynamic Visualization

Communication Visualizer critically enables you to capitalize on powerful features and functions such as dynamic zoom, detailed node selection, and date range filters to identify the key players in their matters and quickly learn about the volume and patterns of communication. It allows you to construct searches visually by tracing lines of connection between people over time, helping you assess key evidence faster and empowering you to see connections where you formerly could not. 

Available later this Spring, Everlaw’s Communication Visualizer is designed to function in two modes: exploration and selection, giving you ultimate control over your data. Exploration mode allows you to explore the graph and flexibly select, deselect, and zoom in on different persons, groups, and exchanges of interest to learn more and pull up granular details, without impacting your selection. Selection mode allows you to directly select persons, lines of communication, and groups of communicators that you want to bring into focus, filter by, or expedite for immediate review. Both modes toggle on and off in the click of a button for flexible use.

Communication Visualizer revolutionizes your ediscovery and investigations process in three key ways: 

1. Unprecedented Visual Intelligence

Communication Visualizer instantly represents key players in any slice of your data, providing insights in a matter of a few clicks. Users can utilize a number of dynamic filters to zoom in on anomalous behavior or interesting communication patterns.

2. Intuitive Exploration of Relationships

Designed to enable the natural way of understanding relationships, Communication Visualizer allows you to click into nodes to dive into emails exchanged between parties, jump between parties to explore relationships, and easily adjust data ranges to see how communication evolves over time. Construct visual searches and identify key document sets for review – all in one dynamic, responsive space. At any point, reset the graph, apply new filters to refine your understanding, drill down on connections, and chart your strategy.

3. Seamless Integration with Data Visualizer

The latest addition to Everlaw’s Data Visualizer, Communication Visualizer allows you to get the most out of your data, whether you are just getting oriented with your dataset or taking a pass at smaller subset of documents from search, predictive coding, binders, or Clustering.

Add filters, expedite directly to review, toggle in and out of Data Visualizer with a click of the Visualize button. Everything is right at your fingertips, so the power of visualization is always within reach when you need it most.

Confidently Navigate Data When Speed Matters Most

While visual intelligence can transform our understanding in any matter, it can be particularly helpful in time-sensitive investigations or data breaches, where acting fast is supremely important. However, taking quick action is incredibly challenging if you don’t know who the key players are or do not have easy access to their communications behaviors over time.

Everlaw’s Communication Visualizer allows you to mitigate business risk and reduce cost by providing timely insights in sensitive and complex matters. You can quickly surface hard-to-identify relationships between persons of interest and documents and reduce time-to-insights after receiving data. 

With these exchanges of communication visually represented, you can contextualize key pieces of evidence and interactions, and therefore surface new avenues to pursue, whether identifying additional individuals of interest or new areas of potential evidence. Communication Visualizer transforms internal investigations by enabling you to find, share, and assign important document sets and exchanges for immediate review.

See More With Everlaw

As data volumes continue to grow, legal teams need the best tools to stay ahead of the curve–and the competition. By providing a platform that moves as fast as you do, Everlaw’s Communication Visualizer enables you to act quickly and confidently at the outset of a matter. Use Communication Visualizer to draw connections and see patterns that were previously obfuscated by troves of data. 

Are you ready to see the power of visual intelligence in action? Download our whitepaper now and request your demo here.