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Decimal Number Productions, Uploads, Spreadsheets & More

by Everlaw


Everlaw’s regular release cadence means that sometimes we introduce expansive new features to our toolset and sometimes we make improvements to existing ones. In last Friday’s release, we introduced a series of improvements to a number of features you’ve likely already made use of: productions, spreadsheets, uploads, and exports.

Productions: Produce to Decimal Bates Numbers

We know that Bates numbering is not standardized across all fields and legal systems, and it’s important to us to support all forms of this document identification. With this latest release, you can now choose to Bates stamp all your documents in a production set using decimal numbers.

Learn more about producing documents in the Productions section of our knowledge base.

Spreadsheets: Explore New Options for Spreadsheet Review

Reviewing and redacting spreadsheets, a particularly tricky type of document, is something we’re always optimizing in order to lighten your load. Now, we’re giving you more options for displaying spreadsheets while you’re reviewing them. From the review window, you’ll be able to access a spreadsheet toolbar that can force text wrapping, hide spreadsheet images, and enable redaction of cell dependencies:

Additionally, we’ve introduced a timeout feature to ensure completion of large spreadsheets when redactions with many dependencies are applied. Should a redaction operation time out, dependency redactions will be preventatively disabled, and you can continue with review!

For more information on reviewing spreadsheets, refer to our spreadsheet review article.

Additional Feature Upgrades

  • Choose a previously existing custodian for native uploads:


    You can now choose from a list of custodians that already exist on your project when uploading native documents. But never fear, you can still input custodians manually or via autofill! To learn more about native uploads, see our Uploading Native Data article.

  • Customize Bates stamp options on your PDF exports:


    When exporting documents as PDFs from the results table, you’ll be able to select whether or not you’d like Bates stamps on your exported images. If the documents you plan to export are already correctly Bates stamped, feel free to skip this option! You can additionally choose to only stamp documents that have a # or EVER prefix. For more information, check out our documentation on exports.

Check out the latest updates to our platform—as always, available on all of your current and future cases—and continue to send your feedback to us at!