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How Is Everlaw’s Pricing Different?

by Everlaw


What sets Everlaw’s litigation platform apart is user experience. Many people think this just refers to software design, like the styling of buttons or the location of navigation. And it is that, but that’s not all it is.

At Everlaw, user experience applies to every interaction you have with us, from logging in to our platform and support tickets to user feedback sessions… and even pricing. As with every aspect of our product, Everlaw’s cost structure aims to provide a better experience for you. Here’s how:

No Lock-In Contracts

Being locked in to using a tool is a poor user experience. Not only does it limit your ability to take advantage of technological advances and features needed for a particular case, but it often doesn’t deliver the promised economies of scale. At Everlaw, we think freedom is a better user experience. We don’t require long-term contracts: you are free to make changes any time.

How this benefits you:

  • You decide whether or not to renew your business with us each month. If we don’t constantly bring you new features and experiences that provide value, you can seek that out elsewhere.

  • If you have a new case that requires functionality that we won’t be able to offer in time for your need, then you can find a tool that meets those specific needs. You don’t pay any penalties, and you’re not stuck, losing time and energy.

  • You’re not forced to use Everlaw because other teams in your firm use it.

  • You don’t have to settle for a “common denominator” tool that performs passably on a broad range of possible tasks, but doesn’t excel at any and doesn’t meet your most-common needs well.

No Add-On Fees

Trying to project which features you might need for a case or evaluating how much you would be willing to pay for them is a poor user experience. Not only is it difficult to do, but it virtually guarantees that you’ll miss out on advancements and enhancements. At Everlaw, we think all-inclusive is a better user experience. Our pricing is one cohesive model that doesn’t require you to pay separately for different elements or capabilities. When we release new features each month, they are automatically accessible to all users at absolutely no extra charge.

How this benefits you:

  • You’re never paying for last year’s – or even last month’s – model. Everything that’s live is at your fingertips. Features are never held hostage for ransom.

  • As your team’s workflows or needs change, the platform continues to accommodate them. For example, if you decide to try building a collaborative case chronology, you don’t have to decide and bill up-front. Simply start using it at no additional cost, and decide on the merits of whether it helps you, not because you’ve already sold it in.

  • You don’t have to worry about missing out on technological advances. If new engineering advances or legal policy impact the field, you can be confident that you will have access to the latest tools designed to tackle them, at no extra cost.

No Mysterious Calculations

Redoing client and vendor bills as you scale a case up or down is a poor user experience. Not only is it difficult to guess how many reviewers or how much training you might need, it is also difficult to budget for. Everlaw’s pricing is easy to understand and predict: it’s just a monthly per-gigabyte fee, and that’s it. Everlaw does not charge setup fees, processing fees, user fees, training fees, technical support fees, exporting fees, predictive coding fees, production fees, printing fees, etc.

How this benefits you:

  • If your game plan changes, your bill doesn’t have to: adding new users based on meetings with opposing counsel or newly-discovered needs doesn’t change the price you pay.

  • Because training and technical support are included in the price, it is in our best interest to keep the tool easy for anyone to use. But if someone is struggling, we will work through it with him until the job is done, at no extra charge.

  • Whether you’re passing through the cost of ediscovery or treating it as a firm-wide expense or using an alternative fee arrangement predictable pricing helps you do long-range planning and budget projections. We make it easy, no matter which billing model you use.

No lock-in contracts, no add-on fees, and predictable all-inclusive pricing: those are just three ways we’re improving your experience with litigation software.