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Automatic Deduplication and Better Multimedia Support

by Jon Kerry-Tyerman

We’ve just released two new features that should make document review even better! The first automatically removes duplicates from your result set, and the second improves your experience viewing audio and video files. Read on for more details!

New Feature #1: Automatic Deduplication

When this feature is enabled, all duplicate documents are automatically hidden in your review. These duplicates remain in your database, but they won’t appear by default in your results tables. In internal testing, we’ve found cases where up to 35% of documents can be hidden because they are duplicates of others in the case! That amounts to quite a bit of time saved during document review.

There is one exception: any document with a Warm or Hot rating, or with any code, will never be hidden, regardless of whether it’s a duplicate. That means that turning on auto-deduplication will not suddenly hide any of the interesting documents you’ve already found; they’ll appear, just as they always have. It also means that you can selectively override deduplication if you want to expose multiple documents in the same duplicate set, while keeping deduplication turned on for the case as a whole. For instance, if you’re doing pre-production review and the opposing party wants duplicates in certain cases, simply rate or code the relevant docs, and they’ll show up in all searches and reviews.

There are two ways to access hidden duplicates. When searching, you can indicate that you want duplicates included in that search’s results, as shown in this screenshot. Alternatively, any individual document’s duplicates will still be visible in its context panel during review.

This feature is still in beta, so it will not be enabled for your case automatically. If you are interested in having it activated in your case, please email

New Feature #2: Expanded Audio and Video Support

You can now view audio and video files directly in your browser during review. Simply navigate to the native viewer to view or hear any multimedia files within the review window! When an audio or video file is present, the native viewer will simply be renamed to “Media.”