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Internal Investigations from Anywhere: Cloud-Based Ediscovery Solutions

by Christina Ling


Over the past few years, there has been a gradual increase in the adoption of ediscovery software. Many times, legal teams would wait until special circumstances forced their hands in order to purchase cloud-based ediscovery solutions. They would typically make these purchases as a “one-off” to address a specific challenge or an individual issue. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to wasted and inefficient processes as internal legal teams learn to use new ediscovery software.

Although cloud solutions aren’t new to the market, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced teams to pivot to a new remote world and created an increased urgency to transition to the cloud, where it is possible to litigate and investigate from anywhere. Now, more and more internal legal teams are utilizing cloud-based ediscovery tools to collaborate remotely with internal teams and outside counsel.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Ediscovery Solutions

Modern cloud-based ediscovery solutions are highly efficient, enabling legal teams to conduct internal investigations remotely. Cloud-based technology provides many benefits, such as reduced cost, enterprise-grade security, high availability, increased collaboration, scalability, reduced maintenance, and self-service. These platforms help streamline internal investigations by:

  • Simplifying traditionally cumbersome tasks to allow legal teams to quickly identify relevant information.

  • Leveraging powerful analytics to accelerate review time and identify valuable data.

  • Providing tools to collaborate securely, manage multiple matters, and handle post-review workflows in one platform.

With a cloud-based solution, new matters and users can be added instantly — no waiting around for additional license capacity. Many cloud-based platforms can be automatically upgraded to the latest version for all matters, resulting in superior version control and a consistent user experience. Cloud-based solutions have no inherent limit to storage availability for a matter; if you need to increase your data capacity, you can do so instantly with no need to install new memory or storage. Such platforms are designed for scale and distributed access to reduce latency.

Final Thoughts

Everlaw’s cloud-based, collaborative ediscovery platform was built specifically to address today’s investigation needs. Our solution allows internal teams to thoroughly investigate issues, uncover the truth quickly, and present findings clearly — while keeping costs in check and moving matters to completion faster.To find out more about how the Everlaw platform will help your team transition into a new, remote world, view our webinar Conducting Remote Internal Investigations with Everlaw today.