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Transforming Ediscovery at Barnes and Thornburg

Am Law 100 Firm Sees Dramatic Results

by Vivan Marwaha

As client data explodes, timelines tighten, and resources remain flat, law firms large and small are finding enterprising ways to generate more revenue while delivering superior client value. 

Technology plays a key role in this process, enabling law firms to unlock the potential of their teams, empower their attorneys, and deliver services more efficiently and effectively — impacts that can be seen clearly in Everlaw’s newest case study with the Am Law 100 firm Barnes & Thornburg

Headquartered in Indianapolis, with a staff of more than 800 legal professionals spread across 22 offices in the United States, Barnes transformed its approach to ediscovery by embracing advanced but accessible technology. 

A leader in focusing on quality and innovation, the firm recognized early that it must move on from its clunky, on-premises ediscovery software for a more modern, collaborative, cloud-native platform to remain ahead of the curve–and the competition.

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Barnes & Thornburg needed a solution that would encourage firmwide adoption, bring more work in-house, increase billable hours, and provide a superior client experience. It not only needed to move on from outdated on-premises technology, but wanted a modern platform that supported today’s file types, offered advanced analytics, and would encourage anyone at the firm, regardless of their job function or title, to use the platform themselves.

They found that in Everlaw. 

Barnes Case Study - Data Growth
See more in this brand new success story from Everlaw.

After evaluating and eventually adopting Everlaw, the firm has increased its litigation support billable hours for entry-level employees by 1000%. Yes, you read that right. In addition, Barnes & Thornburg has cut costs by bringing 70% more work in-house, and has generated $4.5 million in new billable hours.

The firm uses Everlaw for its biggest cases, with its top 5 largest matters accounting for more than half of the firm’s data in Everlaw’s cloud-native platform. Everlaw has been an investment critical to the firm’s success with Litigation Support Manager Eric Beard calling Everlaw an invaluable partner in the firm’s rapid growth. “We knew we had to invest in really powerful technology that’s easy to use, that makes it consumable for any user and reasonable to manage,” he said. 

“That’s where the future is — it’s the only way you’re going to stay ahead,” Beard added. 

See how Barnes & Thornburg is staying ahead in our full success story here, and request your Everlaw demo here.