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Introducing EverlawAI Assistant

How Next-Gen AI Is Rewriting the Rules

AJ Shankar, Everlaw CEO and Founder

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The Responsible Way to Implement Generative AI

Shana Simmons, Everlaw CLO, and Patrick Hammon, Partner, Pillsbury

See the power of AI and analytics in action

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Everlaw’s Commitment to Responsible AI

Everlaw's 3 Gen AI Principles

EverlawAI + Analytics

Make meaning out of your litigation data – faster and more comprehensively than anyone else


Predictive Coding

Everlaw’s powerful machine learning algorithm learns from your coding decisions, to surface the most relevant documents sooner, enabling faster and more scalable review.



EverlawAI Clustering groups documents by key concepts to quickly surface valuable insights from millions of files at a glance, letting you move confidently from the big picture to individual pieces of evidence.

Product - Communication Visualizer with Right-hand Menu, Palsgraf Theme

Advanced Analytics

See your litigation data like never before. With interactive data visualizations, streamlined email threading, and Communication Visualizer, Everlaw makes the most advanced ediscovery tools instantly accessible.


Machine Translation

Automate foreign language translation in more than 100 languages, with powerful AI integrated directly in one unified platform.


EverlawAI Assistant

Powered by groundbreaking generative AI, EverlawAI Assistant, currently in closed beta, drives faster document review with near-instant document insights, summaries, and the ability to answer open-ended questions with direct citations to supporting evidence for easy verification.


Review Assistance

Quickly move from first-pass review to the merits, as EverlawAI Assistant for document review provides coding suggestions, document summaries, people and organization extraction, sentiment analysis, and custom document queries.


Writing Assistance

EverlawAI Assistant turns your blank page into a powerful first draft, automatically creating statements of facts or deposition summaries, citations to supporting documents built directly in.