Conference Love

With LegalTech New York only days away, we’re getting excited to meet friends old and new! Curious, I asked the team what they like best about attending industry events. Here is what they said:

Everlaw at LegalTech

Getting new ideas from the people I meet. Events are a great opportunity to meet people who are writing interesting software, or to meet people who have interesting problems that I might be able to solve with software. -Brandon, Lead Software Engineer


The chance to see people’s reaction when they are introduced to Everlaw for the first time. Greg, Senior Account Director


Hanging out with co-workers! AJ, CEO


My hotel bed. As the parent of a 2.5-year-old, with another baby on the way, I relish any opportunity I can get to sleep uninterrupted! Jon, VP of Business Development


The chance to see something ground-breaking.  This doesn’t happen often—and, to be fair, it would be unreasonable to expect that it would—but industry events can be an amazing platform to gain exposure to the innovative fringes of any particular market or specialty. Ian, Account Director

Not surprisingly, the two themes are people and new concepts. Who doesn’t like to be wowed, whether by an exciting approach or by a thought-provoking peer? We’re excited for the chance to share our ideas, and we can’t wait to hear yours. There will be no shortage of insightful presentations at LegalTech, but the interactivity of one-on-one conversation can help unearth the most amazing things.

So, come talk to one of us! Maybe we’ll discover a mutual love of Chipotle, solve a problem you’ve been worrying about, or commiserate over the lack of luggage space for all the event swag. See you next week!