why everlaw ediscovery platform

Key Principles

In the pursuit of crafting modern legal software, we're guided by a set of key principles: security, transparency, innovation, speed, and respect for users.

We believe that vendors who focus on these areas are most likely to put client interests first, form lasting partnerships with their customers, and build solutions that add the most value.

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Everlaw prioritizes keeping important data safe with enterprise-class security protocols and privacy standards. We apply a comprehensive approach that spans architecture, software design, people, and process, which has been validated by our SOC 2 Type II certification in addition to being FedRAMP "In Process". We've also completed voluntary independent audits for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

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Our commitment to transparency manifests most obviously in the product, providing audit trails and reporting on data uploads, early case assessment (ECA), and review decisions for accountability and transparency purposes. Beyond the actual product, we're committed to a pricing model that's easy to understand and predictable, based on the amount of data hosted, with unlimited user licenses, processing, and productions.

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A commitment to innovation ensures that Everlaw is always moving forward. We release new code roughly every four weeks, and our frequent release cycle keeps us “close to the code” so that bugs don’t linger. As a cloud solution, we have the advantage of instantly deploying our innovations and enhancements to all customers. All cases are up-to-date with the latest technology, all the time. Everlaw also keeps up with emerging data sources to handle modern file types.

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Everlaw automates or streamlines every step of the review process, whether it's ingesting, searching, reviewing, or producing documents. The ingestion engine achieves processing and production speeds of 400K+ documents per hour. Blink-speed search provides instant results with even the most complex search strings. Everlaw’s proprietary PDF viewer saves our users thousands of hours of review time, rendering docs in 1/8th of a second.

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Respect for users

The Everlaw approach to building software is to deliver elegant solutions with thoughtful design that makes for happy software users who can not only get their jobs done, but even find enjoyment in the process. We are focused on long-term success with our partners, so we aren’t interested in making quick changes to the platform that don’t provide utility or align with our long term strategies.

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