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Learning Paths

Getting Started

This learning path is designed to get new users comfortable navigating and working on Everlaw. Get started on this path if you want to develop a good working foundation of Everlaw’s functions.

Review on Everlaw

This learning path is designed for Everlaw users whose primary work on the platform will be reviewing documents. Get introduced to navigating Everlaw and learn about tools for completing a thorough and efficient review.

Administering a Case

This learning path is designed for administrators using Everlaw. By the end of this path, you’ll be comfortable administering the full life cycle of a case on Everlaw, from initial case set-up and getting your data loaded, to running and sharing productions at the end of review.

Exploring and Managing Your Data

This learning path is designed for those working with large datasets. Start this path to learn about tools for understanding and managing your data to support streamlined, informed review workflows.

Corporate Essentials

This learning path is designed for the modern needs of in-house corporate legal teams. By the end of this path, you’ll be comfortable handling legal holds and connecting data scalably and securely to investigations and complex litigation.

Everlaw Certification

Certification is designed for users who will be supporting other Everlaw users or otherwise need a deeper understanding of the tool. More information about Everlaw Certification can be found at If you have questions about certification please reach out to

For any feedback about this site or any questions about the trainings offered, please reach out to 

For all other questions, please reach out to, 1-844-EVERLAW (US), or 0800-068-9249 (UK and EU)