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Don’t Settle for Yesterday’s Tech

Leave legacy systems in the past with a cloud-native ediscovery platform designed for today.

See why Everlaw is the world’s most advanced ediscovery technology

“Lightyears ahead of Relativity. Highly customizable, adaptable, and efficient.”


“I worked in Big Law for 25 years before going out on my own. Everlaw is a lot easier than Relativity.”


“Everlaw is fast, intuitive, and simple to use but deceptively feature-rich. Its predictive coding features are extremely capable … You will not experience any of the lag time that you see with Relativity.”


Modern Tech For Your Biggest Matters

Unmatched in Uploads

Everlaw processes documents 8X faster than the competition, with processing speeds of up to 900K documents per hour. Everlaw removes the barriers of ingestion delays by simultaneously checking for errors while offering fast uploads of nearly every type of data. Drag and drop files directly from the desktop, or utilize any popular cloud file-sharing solution easily without requiring a skilled admin.

Smarter Search

With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop search-query builder, Everlaw enables both novice and power users to excel at crafting complex search queries. And they can do it extremely quickly, at 23.1X faster than cloud-based competitors. Additionally, dtSearch indexes on other platforms must be manually updated after every load, while on Everlaw, this is done automatically.

Rapid Review

Leveraging exceptionally fast “doc-to-doc” review speeds and coding presets, Everlaw reviewers can get through their work faster, with review times of 105 documents per hour compared to 60 documents per hour for competitors. Additionally, Everlaw offers a suite of redaction tools, including native spreadsheet redactions and global batch redactions.

Advanced AI

Clustering by Everlaw can display your entire document corpus of up to 25 million documents on a single screen. Truly massive in scale, and as easy to navigate as Google Earth, Clustering enables you to discover and act on insights in an intuitive, visual format that encompasses both a 30,000-foot snapshot and a granular, down-to-the-document view.


What’s the Difference Between Cloud-Based and Cloud-Native? A Lot.

When adapting litigation software to the cloud, some things get lost in translation, which leads to inefficiency and clunky workflows. Everlaw was built for the cloud, so every feature is optimized for today’s investigation and legal needs.

Cloud-native technology offers automated parallel processing, which allows platforms to farm out high-computational work to additional servers.

No Time for Downtime

Everlaw’s cloud-native technology delivers higher than 99.9% uptime* (with scheduled maintenance), so our customers can access the platform whenever they need to, while other competitors have approximately 176 hours of scheduled downtime per year. Additionally, Everlaw rolls out new features approximately every four weeks.

*Everlaw 2022 uptime 99.91%

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