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Having the right technology in place is crucial to success in litigation. Gain the competitive edge with a powerful yet easy-to-use litigation solution that spans all phases of ediscovery from document review to trial preparation.

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Know What’s Happening

Our robust analytics give you real-time insight into the performance of your ediscovery team. See comprehensive and actionable analytics about different facets of review, including reviewer accuracy, pace, and review trends.

Automated Assignment Workflows

Using assignments, you can design and implement automated review workflows. Create different assignment stages and documents will intelligently flow through the correct sequence of review. Reviewers can also check out additional batches of documents. With automated workflows, you can streamline and simplify review management.

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Enterprise-class security

The primary data source for Everlaw is stored on secure AWS cloud servers, which surpass industry standards for privacy and security. AWS has SOC 1, 2, and 3, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, and FIPS certifications, in addition to meeting compliance standards for many other legal and security frameworks.

Everlaw also has its own SOC 2 Type II certification in Security, Availability, and Confidentiality, demonstrating that it is designed to keep data secure. Everlaw has been audited for compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, providing independent assurance of compliance.

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Search at blink-speed

Everlaw returns search results instantly, even across databases with millions of documents, enabling efficient data exploration. It’s also easy to pick up—no need to learn regular expression or proprietary search syntaxes. Search nearly any intrinsic aspect of a document (e.g. content, metadata, etc.) or review product (e.g. codes, notes, binders, etc.). Create search term reports to help triage review or settle on search terms.

Leverage predictive coding

Let technology find what’s relevant faster. Everlaw predictive coding can start working as soon as the first document is reviewed. Predictions will be ready as soon as 200 documents are reviewed and will update continuously with ongoing review activity. It’s even possible to build custom models in a matter of minutes to prepare for depositions, hearings, or the next phase of review.

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Prepare for trial

Establish chronologies

Everlaw allows seamless transition from document review to case-preparation. Teams can curate the most important documents in the case, centralize and consolidate case knowledge, and create timelines to visualize how storylines are related.

Construct outlines

Teams can also collaboratively create review protocols, case strategies, deposition outlines, and many other types of work product. Simply drag and drop documents discovered during review to relevant areas in the text. When ready, export an outline to a PDF with the images of the associated documents included, and an electronic case file is ready to go.