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An internal investigation solution for the digital age

An internal investigation can result from employee or human resources wrongdoing, a regulatory compliance inquiry, or an intellectual property dispute.

Everlaw helps to ensure successful outcomes, helping investigators quickly and efficiently locate and organize the most relevant data and, ultimately, tell a compelling story about it.

Defend the process

ediscovery legal matters management demonstration

Internal investigations are complex and require a plan tailored to each situation. Teams that don’t have a standardized investigation management process or case management system put themselves at risk. 

A manual review will often prove too slow and produce too many errors. Everlaw provides a document and case management solution for the entire process, which helps avoid mission creep and produces a defensible data and audit trail.

Streamline discovery 

Everlaw enables teams to ingest, organize, search, and review large amounts of data to produce the most relevant information. Key capabilities for internal investigators include:

  • Cloud storage integration
  • Fast processing
  • Instant results
  • Visual search
  • Secure collaboration
easy document loader for ediscovery or internal investigation

Harness the
power of AI

document ediscovery using predictive coding

Everlaw uses the power of modern computer science to reveal the hidden details of documents at scale. Everlaw finds, translates, transcribes, and converts hidden data.

Predictive coding lets reviewers use their standard workflow codes and attributes by teaching the system how to find what they want. Data visualization is interactive from any type of document and includes insights into dates, metadata, and predicted relevance.

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