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A modern, cloud-based ediscovery solution for finding needles in haystacks

As data volumes continue to increase exponentially, efficient ediscovery ensures that key evidence isn’t overlooked in the legal process. Everlaw enables legal teams to discover, reveal, and act on all of the information relevant to a case in a secure, centralized location.

The ultimate in uploads

Everlaw removes the barriers of ingestion delays by offering fast uploads of nearly every type of data. Drag and drop files directly from the desktop. Or utilize any popular cloud file-sharing solution.

Everlaw accepts everything from forensic image files to instant messages, social media, processed files from other platforms—Everlaw even transcribes audio/visual files. How fast is the data ingestion? 400K+ documents per hour while simultaneously checking for errors and duplicates.

easy document loader for ediscovery or internal investigation

Simple, powerful search

everlaw ediscovery sophisticated and repeatable searches

Even beginners can build complex and repeatable searches with Everlaw. A color-coded interface lets you build and run highly sophisticated queries just by clicking on terms—no need to learn regular expression or proprietary search syntaxes. Search results load nearly instantaneously, no matter how complex the search string or how large the document trove.

Revolutionary review

Everlaw accelerates already fast doc-to-doc review speeds by enabling reviewers with coding preset shortcuts. Everlaw offers a customizable review interface to match the preferences of any user, providing total control over layouts. On-screen review tabs make it easy to view and apply codes when in full-screen review mode.

Everlaw also lets users review documents in their native format, including videos, medical images and CAD files. Have spreadsheets? See all the actual formulas in the cell outputs, graphs, highlights and cell notes without third-party plugins.

everlaw accelerates already fast doc-to-doc review speeds

Production perfection

cloud-based ediscovery generation, modification and sharing of legal document productions

Produce discovery resources as needed with flexible protocol options. Endorsement stamping and customized bates numbering are included. The cloud-based environment enables the generation, modification and sharing of legal document productions at any time. Modifications are easy, even when it’s necessary to:

  • Claw back a document
  • Re-run a production after changing metadata fields
  • Produce previously privileged and withheld documents
  • Reproduce an arbitrary subset of documents

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