Hausfeld found what they needed with Everlaw

Hausfeld needed to play detective in a 10 million document dump

Hausfeld is an elite international commercial law firm that specializes in complex antitrust cases, including representing major car manufacturers and other multinational original equipment manufacturers in developing and executing their strategy to recover damages incurred from the worldwide auto parts cartel. In this particular matter, Hausfeld was called upon to assist an “opt-out” commercial client in recovering damages outside of the class action. According to Michaela Spero, a Hausfeld associate on this case, the goal for discovery shifted during the case from finding the entire story to examining the key players and uncovering the key documents.

However, the fact that Hausfeld received over 10 million documents—more than 5 TB of data—made it difficult to find those smoking guns. Worse, many of the documents were corrupted or missing text: “We couldn’t do a linear review, [and the corrupted documents] weren’t showing up in our searches.” Everlaw worked with Hausfeld to recognize or pull out the text for those documents where they could.

Everlaw provided the critical support for this small review team

When Spero had to go back to the other side to force them to produce un-corrupted documents, Everlaw’s support team was “helpful in quickly alerting me to the issues we were seeing and providing the missing information in spreadsheets. That was great.” Indeed, Spero was very happy with Everlaw’s support responses and their help: “Jordan [Customer Success Manager] was very helpful in explaining those issues I’d never seen before, and helping me put together requests to obtain a quick response from opposing counsel.”

With just a few people to dig through over 10 million documents, Hausfeld needed a powerful yet easy-to-learn system

In addition, all of this work had to be done by just a few reviewers. Fortunately, Everlaw proved to be a simple system: “Everyone who’s used the platform has said it’s very easy to learn.” And once Spero’s team learned Everlaw, they were able to put its power to good use: “Everlaw helped us run some really targeted searches based on documents we already knew were hot, so we could look for similar words. We quickly isolated categories of documents… We could see an entire category that was relevant, and Everlaw would help bundle documents and put them in a binder or run a complex search and share it with us.”

How to review foreign language documents—without foreign language speaking document reviewers

Spero’s team had to jump one additional hurdle: the majority of the relevant production was foreign language documents that neither reviewer could read. The team used Everlaw’s instant language translation to get a sense of the foreign language documents, and while no machine translation system is yet perfect, it definitely made a big impact: “Without it we would’ve had to have foreign language reviewers, because there’s no way that I could have trusted that my search terms were pulling in the relevant Japanese documents.”

Conclusion: There’s a reason why our customers recommend Everlaw

Despite all of the surprises that came with these documents, Spero and her team found what they needed to advance the case. And they got all of this plus strong support and “great transparency” with pricing.


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