Talking TAR (Technology Assisted Review): Erin Baksa in Legaltech News

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In a recent article featured in Legaltech News—”The 2019 EDRM TAR Guidelines: Recognizing the Evolving Role of the Subject Matter Expert“—Erin Baksa of Everlaw discusses the new Technology Assisted Review (TAR) Guidelines from EDRM.

Erin examines how the Guidelines maintain the role of the subject matter expert (SME) in ensuring reviewer accuracy and in training the model. At the same time, the Guidelines also acknowledge the emergence of new technologies which can reduce the burden on the SME.

In most law firms, the SME is typically an experienced—and expensive—attorney most familiar with the project’s subject matter. The EDRM’s new TAR Guidelines discuss the emergence of new technologies which can reduce the burden on the SME, and the article shows how firms can take advantage of the reduced burden and cost.

Read more of Erin’s thoughts on the matter, and join us April 25th for a webinar, which features Erin’s insightful expertise on data visualization.

Erin Baksa is Everlaw’s Director of Business Development and Intelligence. Erin is a licensed attorney and has worked in the litigation industry for over 10 years. Her prior experience includes work on the Forensic Technology Services team at A&M Asia in Hong Kong, and experience at Stroz Friedberg and DTI.

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