Berkeley Love

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Our company proudly calls Berkeley, California, home. Several days ago, a local bookstore hosted an event called “Why Berkeley?” which invited speakers to reflect on what this city means to them. While we weren’t able to attend the event, many of us wanted to contribute our own reasons for loving and appreciating Berkeley. Here are a few of them:

"I graduated from UC Berkeley, [so being here] means I get to stay close to all my friends!" -Alex, Marketing Coordinator

"The food and the weather." ~Brandon, Lead Engineer

"The people! Being so close to the best public university in the United States lets us hire the best and brightest. It's fantastic to have so many brilliant minds around to lend a helping hand or provide new insight on the problems we're tackling." -Daniel, Software Engineer

"Short commute for the win!" -Joel, Operations Manager

"The zillion affordable and delicious food options nearby! We counted once, and there were over 60 restaurants within a half-mile of our office." -AJ, CEO

For those of you who have visited, worked in, or lived in Berkeley, what do you love about it?



*Source (best public university in the US): US News & World Report

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