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The Power to Do More

Firms like Cole, Scott & Kissane empower their teams to do more legal work, and less busy work, with Everlaw.

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Without a doubt, Everlaw helps lawyers do less busy work so they can do actual work.

Jason Thomas
Chief Information Officer, Cole, Scott, & Kissane

Trusted by the Best

Law firms, corporations, and state, local, and federal government agencies rely on Everlaw to simplify complex legal work.

Barnes & Thornburg

Janelle Peters
Litigation Support Project Coordinator

Cole, Scott & Kissane

Jason Thomas
Chief Information Officer

Hanson Bridgett

Lisa Fabian
Head of Ediscovery Solutions

Hagens Berman

Reed Kathrein


Empower Your Teams

From lightning-fast uploads and document review to rapid searches and artificial intelligence, Everlaw’s advanced technology is powerful, yet easy to use.


Scale Your Expertise

Capture near-instant insights in even the most complex ediscovery data with powerful analytics and machine learning tools, made accessible for all legal professionals.


Collaborate Seamlessly

Identify key evidence and collect insights throughout the ediscovery process, with Storybuilder, Everlaw’s collaborative narrative-building tool.

Transformative Ediscovery Technology for Law Firms

Deliver better client results with the world’s most advanced ediscovery software.


Complete document review in record time with AI-powered tools that illuminate key insights quickly.


Early Case Assessment

Quickly find what matters and remove the rest. Everlaw users slash documents promoted to active review by 74% with ECA.


Trial Preparation

Unlock the collaborative power of your team with comprehensive deposition and trial preparation tools.


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