Join Jennie Robinson, User Education Training Specialist II at Everlaw as she breaks down predictive coding, highlights the best opportunities to leverage predictive coding in your review process, and explains defensibility in TAR.

When a competition investigation hits your desk, two things are anticipated: large volumes of data and no idea where to start. This session will take you through the first day in the life of a competition investigation, from data upload to summary of key findings back to your client, walking through the steps you can take to get a handle on your data quickly.

Join Everlaw experts Chuck Kellner, Sheneika Hurley, and Madeline Pollard as they look back at key legal technology trends of 2022 and predict what’s in store for 2023.

Law firms today are focusing on increasing efficiency, either by boosting internal productivity or by improving the delivery of client services. But how can law firms do both – improving their own operational efficiency and client service delivery?

Join us for this must-see webinar with three leaders in the legal field as they explain their own, unique profile-building journeys. Alex Su, Jason Thomas, and Catherine Choe share their strategies for crafting leadership personas true to them and their organizations.

Tune in on the 18th of October at 3 pm BST for a webinar on how Everlaw’s Clustering can help reduce the risk of human error in document review whilst enabling legal professionals to efficiently and effectively find key pieces of evidence. Co-hosted with The Lawyer, this webinar will discuss Clustering’s unique capabilities, top use cases, and more.

Change comes slowly in the legal industry – and in the public sector. The era of cloud-based ediscovery has emerged not only as a result of the recent pandemic but also due to the culmination of various technological advancements over the years.

This year, Everlaw and ACEDS teamed up to survey nearly 200 legal professionals to discover the key characteristics of ediscovery technology leaders. What we found was striking. Join us for a deep dive into key findings from Everlaw + ACEDS’s 2022 Ediscovery Innovation Report: Leaders and Laggards.

Join Changie Chang, Associate Product Lead at Everlaw to learn how to use Clustering to reduce the risk of human error in document review to efficiently and successfully find key pieces of evidence

Join this webinar to hear the panel discuss how collaborating across the digital divide has allowed law firms to Increase productivity and implement efficient workflows, remain competitive and surpass client expectations, reduce and control operational costs, and have control over their data whilst mitigating business and public risk.