Best of 2020: Everlaw’s Top Pieces of Content

This year has been a roller coaster for those who aren’t accustomed to rapid change, particularly those in the legal community. The constant state of flux has forced an industry that is notoriously averse to change to adopt a more fluid, agile, and tech-friendly approach. We here at Everlaw have taken note and created a bevy of content specifically for these new times. Below are resources that will help you make sense of remote-based work, the technology required to make it possible, and the security considerations that have arisen as a result.

Resources on Working Remotely

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How Collaboration Will Aid Legal Professionals in a Post-Pandemic World

The legal industry has gone through major changes due to the global pandemic. Find out how to know to work through this disruption to business as usual.


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Increased Collaboration in the Face of Growing Complexity

Lawyers have to harness their team’s talents and resources while fostering collaboration. Learn about the evolution of legal collaboration.



Legal Collaboration in the Age of COVID-19

Practicing law is inherently a collaborative exercise and needs to be so in today’s tech-driven world. Learn how COVID-19 is expediting changes to legal collaboration.



Shifting to Remote Work Leads to A/V Issues in Ediscovery

Video conferencing tools are creating discoverable data, and as a result, handling A/V files during the discovery stage is causing issues for legal teams. Learn how Everlaw is helping out.


Litigate From Anywhere: 5 Tips for Practicing Law From Home

Lawyers working from home are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way they practice law. Here are tips to help you navigate this new reality.


Resources on Legal Technology + Innovation


Modern Ediscovery: Introducing Cellebrite Exports to Everlaw

Everlaw has addressed the ever-growing need for reviewing mobile data in a profound way. We are introducing — support for Cellebrite collections!


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Disruption as an Enabler for Change: Transforming Ediscovery in the Cloud

Transitioning to the cloud was a top priority for legal organizations, even before COVID-19. Find out which pain points legal professionals are solving with cloud-based ediscovery solutions.



Legal Tech Innovation: Transforming the Practice of Law

Over the past ten years, legal tech innovation has disrupted the practice of law. Learn how Everlaw uses it to enable organizations to take advantage of productivity gains and reap significant cost savings.


What Is Predictive Coding, and How Does It Apply to Ediscovery?

Predictive coding is transforming ediscovery, using AI to expedite the review process, saving firms both time and money. Learn more in this post.


Resources on Security Considerations

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Cybersecurity in the World of Ediscovery: Tips for Law Firms

The collaborative nature of the litigation and discovery process makes protecting sensitive data a top priority. In this white paper, we discuss why security is more of a pressing issue now than ever before.


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Secure, Efficient, Remote Review

Check out this on-demand webinar where we showed how the Everlaw platform enables review administrators to accelerate the process of getting new cases up and running, increase control over their databases, and collaborate securely.



Litigate From Anywhere: 7 Cybersecurity Tips for Protecting Your Data

While working from home, legal teams may be accessing or transmitting confidential information, and with that comes security concerns. Here are a few tips to protect your clients’ data.


Through the Looking Glass: Legal and IT’s Different Views on Cybersecurity Preparedness

Remote work has created security vulnerabilities for organizations, but IT and legal teams have different ideas for maintaining cybersecurity preparedness. Learn how these two teams can find common ground.


To find out more, request a demo today! We look forward to continuing to raise the bar for what legal professionals should expect from their discovery technology.