Everlaw Celebrates International Women’s Day

We call her The Hawke. And in honor of International Women’s Day, today we celebrate her achievements.

Lisa Hawke, our Director of Policy and Compliance, is one of the most considerate people you’ll ever meet, even when strictly enforcing our security protocols. She is a volunteer on the Events Committee with Women in Security and Privacy, a group actively working to support recruitment and career advancement of women in the security and privacy fields. She is also a member of Tech Ladies, a community of women in tech who support each other.

Lisa joined Everlaw last year, coming from the oil and gas industry at Direct Energy and BP. She really hit the ground running. She was recently published in Compliance & Ethics Professional, talking about her experience running compliance at Everlaw. She provides thoughtful insight into making the transition from one industry to another and building a compliance program from the ground up.

Lisa explains, “…if you are interested in getting into the tech industry in a compliance role, it is likely that your ‘old guard’ industry experience will be applicable if you are game for learning a new business model…Take every opportunity you can to ask questions and learn from everyone, ask for their input regarding your plans and ideas, and eat lunch with them as often as possible!”

To read more, download the full article here: https://blog.everlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/scce-cep-2017-03-Hawke.pdf