Our 30th Major Update to Everlaw

As a technology company, we’re committed to continuously delivering new and enhanced features—as we’ve done over 29 major releases since the first version of Everlaw in 2011. Our 30th update includes major improvements to predictive coding, new foreign language detection and translation capabilities, and StoryBuilder enhancements. Read on to learn more about these exciting changes!

Improved and Expanded Prediction Engine

Improved Prediction Engine

Everlaw’s predictive coding system is already the best way to find interesting documents based on the review work you’ve already done. With the latest enhancements, we’re giving you more information from Everlaw’s Prediction Engine so you can better understand how the continuous active learning system is performing, as well as the ability to generate prediction models around any pair of classifications in your case.

Model Creation Wizard

This last piece is particularly powerful; imagine being able to predict not only for responsiveness or privilege, but also for relevance to specific issues or facts in your case. Everlaw’s Prediction Engine is flexible enough to accommodate any of these scenarios. We can’t wait to see how it’s used!

Automatic Language Detection and Translation

Automatic Translation

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a discovery data set to include at least some content in a language other than English. Everlaw’s new language features ensure immediate understanding of that foreign-language content. You can search for documents based on the languages they contain, and you can see all foreign-language text highlighted in the review window, with the ability to translate that text into English with the push of a button. With this first release, Everlaw’s language detection and translation feature supports 53 of the world’s most widely-used languages – including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!

StoryBuilder, Now More Flexible than Ever  

Last but not least, this major update adds several improvements to StoryBuilder’s importing and exporting functionality in response to user feedback. You can now import existing outlines in Word format, saving time and effort in transposing work from one place to another. We’ve also added an export option that will generate a single PDF file that includes both the outline and the images for every document you’ve referenced in that outline—creating a ready-to-go package for easy deposition or case preparation.

We’ll keep working to advance ediscovery and litigation with improvements to Everlaw, but we’re always happy to take a break to show you what we’re working on. Just let us know if you’d like a live demo of what we’ve built so far, and a preview of where we’re headed!