What is the Everlaw Difference?

Every day, we see attorneys, litigation support professionals, and industry experts voicing concern over the rising cost of ediscovery, the explosion of data in litigation, and the difficulty of mastering the systems intended to relieve these pains.  Being in this market at a time of change is challenging and fun, and every day, we work hard to create a better experience.  We like to call it the the Everlaw difference.


The fastest litigation platform

For professionals who bill by the hour, time is money.  That’s especially true when it comes to document review, where the review process can go on for years.  Those expenses add up!

Our Visual Search engine shows your results instantaneously as you’re creating a query, and navigating from document to document in review takes only a fraction of a second.  This is often a speed improvement of 10x or more over competing systems, saving you not only a lot of time, but also the frustration of waiting for search results and documents to load.


The strongest litigation platformHaving the fastest litigation platform is not enough, however.  You also need powerful tools to help augment your expert judgment when reviewing tens of millions of documents.

Our take on predictive coding, Predictive Rating, guides you to interesting documents based on the review work you’ve already done.  The more you rate, the more accurate those predictions become, automatically.  There’s no need for training sets or special expertise!

Everlaw’s powerful Context Panel lets you quickly review and annotate related documents in context, including duplicates, attachments, and email threads. Our context engine is so smart that it can recompose email threads even without native files!

Everlaw’s Reviewer Accuracy system monitors reviewer performance in the background, compiling reliable and actionable quality statistics without any need for setup.  Find and fix mistakes before your reviewers go far astray.


The easiest litigation platformNone of this fast and sophisticated software matters if it’s hard to use, so our goal is to make everything – from search to pricing – as simple as possible.

Everlaw supports any modern browser, so you can enjoy the same experience on your PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.  Use the built-in Native Viewer to interact with files in their native format without the need for the original software on your system.

Our drag-and-drop Visual Search interface takes the guesswork out of composing complex queries.  No need to count parentheses or memorize a complex search syntax!

Once you have those hot documents identified, you can move directly from review to crafting a compelling story for your case with our argument building tools in StoryBuilder. Assemble earmarked documents into an annotated case outline, and use built-in collaboration tools to instantly share your outlines with colleagues and experts.

Our pricing is simple, too; we only charge one low fee based on the amount of data you host with us.  There are no extra fees for additional users on your case, and we offer unlimited uploading and conversion, unlimited production, and unlimited training and support at no extra cost.  Simple, right?

In short, Everlaw is different in ways that matter – to you.  See for yourself!