Everlaw’s September Release: More Powerful Searching, Case History, and More!

As you know, the wheels never stop turning here at Everlaw.  Our latest release includes content searching improvements, comprehensive case history, a new help interface, faster image loading, and improvements to our Reviewer QA feature.  Here are additional details about the headliners.

Powerful Search

More Powerful Searching

No more stop words means nothing is stopping your search. Terms like ‘AT&T’ are no longer stripped of symbols like ‘&’ or ‘%’, and can now be used in content searches. You can also search for phrases that include generic articles and pronouns.

New Help UI

More Help!

We have made significant improvements to our help. We now have more videos than ever before, in an easily searchable new interface.

Case History

Case History

Admins, you no longer have to wonder about the history of your case. You can now view past uploads, user additions, settings changes, and more!

Stay tuned for more amazing features from Everlaw; the next release is going to be huge!