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How a Big Customer Could Ruin Your Company

—AJ Shankar and Jeff Friedman wanted to provide law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies with a better way to prioritize, organize, and access evidence data. In 2011, the duo launched Everlaw, a document-dis­covery service that relies on cloud storage. Many target customers loved the technology's user-friendly and speedy interface, and quickly came on board. But others, used to years of hands-on super­vision of data by means of onsite hardware and tech support, were concerned about cloud hosting. Read More

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Legaltech 2017: Announcements, AI, And The Future Of Law

—I spent most of last week in the Midtown Hilton in New York City attending “Legaltech 2017,” or “Legalweek: The Experience,” or some sort of variation of the two. For the most part, it pretty much had the same feel as every other Legaltech I’ve attended. But I agree with my fellow Above the Law tech columnist, Bob Ambrogi, that ALM deserves kudos for trying to change the focus a bit. It may take a year or two of experimentation to get it right, but at least they’re trying. Read More

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Flight-Check Your Cloud Tech: 7 Security Questions to Ask Your Vendor

With suitable care and the proper questions, you should be able to keep your law firm out of the data breach headlines.

—Legal technology company Everlaw is out to make self-service simple. With the latest addition to its namesake litigation platform, Everlaw users can now upload and produce documents themselves, on their own timeline, exactly the way they want. No third parties. No expensive delays. No crossed wires. Read More

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Don’t Worry, Attorneys: AI Comes In Peace (Perspective)

Intuitive New Features Give Customers Control of Uploads and Productions

—We’ve heard it before. The machines are coming. Artificial intelligence is about to arrive. The media gets excited. Startups receive funding. Products hit the market. And then, inevitably, reality collides with marketing. The hype bubble collapses. Read More